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Our services and programs at the Tulsa Initiative are dedicated to empowering BIPOC individuals and communities through a holistic approach encompassing entrepreneurship, mentorship, and education. We provide comprehensive entrepreneurship training, mentorship opportunities with experienced professionals, and a range of educational workshops covering essential business skills. Additionally, we offer access to funding opportunities, community events for networking and collaboration, leadership development programs, and resource referral services to support entrepreneurs in their journey towards success and economic empowerment within their communities.

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Services and Programs

At the Tulsa Initiative, we offer a range of services and programs designed to empower BIPOC individuals and communities through entrepreneurship, mentorship, and education. Explore our offerings below:

Tulsa Leadership & Entrepreneurship Academy

The Tulsa Leadership and Entrepreneurship Academy (TLEA)

TULSA Summits

Fayetteville Youth Summit and Keys To Success Male Summit

TULSA CEO Spotlight

Tulsa Shines The Light on Local CEOs

TULSA Pitch Competition

The Tulsa Initiative Pitch Competition is a premier event.

TULSA Speaks

TULSA Speaks is a dynamic platform that offers a wide range of interactive

Tulsa Gala

The Tulsa Initiative's Gala and Pitch Competition
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