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Tulsa Leadership & Entrepreneurship Academy


TLEA Introduction

The Tulsa Leadership and Entrepreneurship Academy (TLEA) offers a transformative 13-week program designed to empower Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) individuals in their entrepreneurial journey. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants are equipped with essential skills and knowledge across various aspects of entrepreneurship. TLEA provides a nurturing and empowering environment, fostering a sense of belonging and clear pathways to seize opportunities. With a focus on mentorship, education, and practical experience, TLEA aims to cultivate the next generation of BIPOC leaders and entrepreneurs who will make a significant impact on their communities.

Program Pillars

  • Understanding your Why/ The History of Black Entrepreneurship and the Importance of Entrepreneurship in the Community
  • Understanding the Foundation of Business
  • Understanding the Pitch
  • Competitive Analysis and Business Research
  • Funding Your Business
  • Building Your Team.
  • Participants Satisfaction

    100% of Participants Expressed either exceptional or good value provided by the program.


    Average of 67% growth from pre academy to post academy based on the key pillars


    Program Overview

    The Tulsa Leadership Entrepreneurship Academy (TLEA) is a highly effective entrepreneurship initiative tailored for young BIPOC men, aimed at fostering secure and empowering communities where participants are valued and equipped with clear pathways to achieve success. This comprehensive program spans a 13-week curriculum, delivering targeted teachings on entrepreneurial mindsets and skills to cohorts of young male adults aged 18 to 26, across various environments. Upon completion, participants gain the opportunity to compete in the Tulsa Initiative Pitch competition, vying for funds to bolster their business ventures. With a dedicated focus on cultivating supportive environments for men of color, TLEA instills a sense of belonging, appreciation, and clear avenues for seizing opportunities. Through the immersive 13-week curriculum, the program cultivates entrepreneurial mindsets and sharpens essential skills within diverse contexts.


    Mission and Impact

    TLEA aims to be a foundational change agent for the inequalities facing BIPOC people in the US and around the world. The success of the program is assessed based on its ability to uplift, educate, and inspire all members involved.


    2023 TLEA

    An overwhelming 95% of TLEA participants rated the overall program as extremely successful, with an additional 5% rating it as successful, reflecting the program’s high satisfaction and effectiveness among its participants.



    Good Reviews


    Purpose and Goals

    TLEA is a purposeful initiative designed to empower BIPOC men by providing them with valuable knowledge and opportunities in entrepreneurship, mentorship, and education. The program aims to foster unity and investment in both personal growth and community development.

    Empowering BIPOC Men

    Gaining Historical Insight

    Program participants will gain valuable historical context on Black entrepreneurship, fostering a sense of purpose and resilience in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

    Building Business Foundations

    Participants will acquire essential business fundamentals, equipping them with the confidence to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape successfully.

    Accessing Financial Resources

    Through the program, participants will learn about various funding options, empowering them to secure the necessary resources to bring their business ideas to life.


    Fostering Unity and Investment

    Crafting Compelling Communication

    Participants will develop skills in crafting persuasive pitches, fostering unity, and attracting investment within BIPOC communities.

    Creating Supportive Networks

    The program will help participants build diverse and supportive networks, fostering unity and collective investment in community success.

    Promoting Economic Empowerment

    Strategic Business Insight

    Program participants will learn to understand market dynamics and conduct competitive analysis, enabling them to create sustainable businesses and promote economic empowerment within BIPOC communities.

    Accessing Mentorship and Education

    Through mentorship and educational opportunities provided by the program, participants will continuously learn, grow, and positively impact their communities through entrepreneurship.

    TLEA ‘2023 Speakers

    Discover the dynamic lineup of speakers who graced the Tulsa Leadership and Entrepreneurship Academy (TLEA) in 2023. From seasoned entrepreneurs to industry experts, each speaker brought valuable insights and inspiration to our participants, enriching their journey towards entrepreneurship and leadership.

    TLEA Cohort Testimonials

    Meet the pioneering members of the Tulsa Alpha Class, a group of driven individuals committed to unlocking their entrepreneurial potential through the Tulsa Leadership and Entrepreneurship Academy (TLEA). With diverse backgrounds and ambitious aspirations, these trailblazers are poised to make a significant impact in their communities and beyond.