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Tulsa Endowment

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Tulsa Endowment

Welcome to the Tulsa Endowment page, where your support can make a transformative difference. The Tulsa Endowment is more than just a financial asset; it's a catalyst for change, driving empowerment and opportunity for BIPOC entrepreneurs and communities. Through strategic investments and generous donations, the endowment fuels our mission to support and uplift those who have historically been marginalized. By establishing an endowment fund in 2023, The Tulsa Initiative Inc. has created a lasting legacy of impact, providing ongoing resources and support to drive positive change in Fayetteville, NC and beyond. Join us in our mission to empower BIPOC entrepreneurs and communities by contributing to the Tulsa Endowment today. Together, we can build a brighter and more equitable future for all.


About the Endowment

As of 2023, the Cumberland Community Foundation boasts impressive statistics, including total assets valued at $131,268,674.63. Since its inception, the foundation has disbursed grants and scholarships totaling $88.5 million, while also receiving substantial gifts totaling $158.5 million. Currently, the foundation manages 603 funds, ranging from modest contributions like a $2.00 money order for summer camps to substantial legacies such as a $10.5 million estate gift earmarked for scholarships. The most common contribution to the foundation is a $100 memorial donation.

Through the prudent management of resources and the strategic allocation of funds, the Tulsa Endowment, within the framework of the Cumberland Community Foundation, stands poised to make a lasting and meaningful impact on BIPOC individuals and communities, fostering sustainable growth and development for generations to come.